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Aneasha Revious is our Tarot Reader Extraordinairre.

Aneasha, Auriel's oldest daughter was raised in a Spiritual home and began learning Tarot readings, astrology, runes, and other metaphysical tools at a very young age. Her mother's friends began asking her for readings when she was just a kid. She is open, honest, and accurate. She uses many decks, including a Zombie deck, a Sandman deck, an Arthurian deck, and many more.

Kassiana Revious is our Intuitive Tarot Reader

Kassiana, Auriel's youngest daughter began learning the meaning of Tarot cards at the age of 3. She's been doing Tarot Readings since she was a young child. She is also open, honest, and accurate. She is a sophomore in college. She uses a Dreamer deck, a Zombie deck, and the Arthurian Deck. She uses a deck for guidance, but she is exceptionally intuitive and reads energy too.


Auriel Roof

Auriel has been doing Tarot readings all of her adult life. Her favorite spread for a general reading is of course, the astrology spread with the Arthurian Legend deck. She also owns several decks of Oracle cards that she enjoys using.



He who knows others is learned.

He who knows himself is wise.

~Lao Tzu