Astrology Reports-- Natal, Synastry, Progressed, Solar Return, and Transit Reports

Have you ever wanted to unlock the secrets of your life?
Your natal chart could hold the key.
A natal chart provides insight into each individual. Personality, love, family, career, money, and education can all be revealed in a natal chart.
Each natal chart report will be unique. Even twins have different natal charts.
Both strengths and weaknesses will be identified for each individual.
A natal chart is based on your birthdate, birth time, and place of birth.

Have you ever wanted to learn how compatible you are with someone else?
Are you looking for love?
Do you want to know what life would be like with that cute guy you just met?
Are you having difficulties with your relationship?
Are you looking at starting a business with someone else and want to know what kind of partners you’d be together?
A Synastry Report is the astrological comparison between two people.
It identifies both the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships.

You know how we all gain knowledge and wisdom as we age?
Astrology is a beautiful tool that allows for that growth.
The progressed chart shows where you are now in your life.
Your natal chart will always fit and be who you are, but your progressed chart shows where you have evolved.

A solar return is based on the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position. 
It reads much like a natal report, however, it is only good for one year.

The transits are where the planets are in the sky at this moment. 
A transit report compares these aspects to your natal chart.
The result is a personalized horoscope just for you.

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Birthdate and place are required for a report. Birth time adds a whole other dimension to each report. Please include this information when you pay for your report. Your reports will be emailed to you.

Check out a sample Natal Report for Taylor Swift.

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Check out a Progressed Report for Taylor Swift.

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